Suswa water supply project

Project Detail

  1. Project Background

Rift Valley Water Services Board is implementing projects to supply water and sanitation services to mitigate against the effects of drought in the area its jurisdiction with funds from the International Development Association and the Government of Kenya which was channeled through Lake Victoria North Water Services Board. The projects include drilling of boreholes, construction of water supplies from these boreholes, rehabilitation and expansion of water supplies, drought mitigation studies, provision of equipment for drought mitigation including water bowsers, vehicles, mobile water treatment units, tetrameters’ for sitting boreholes, collapsible tanks and construction of rain water harvesting structures of rain gutters and plastic tanks.

Among the projects being constructed is Suswa water project targeting to provide water services by providing 900m3/day of water from a borehole at DCK by pumping to a high ground within the Hell’s Gate National Park for gravity distribution through a 34Km distribution main piping and 8 Km of water service lines to Hell’s Gate, Masai Cultural Centre,   Olemayani Ndogo, Olemayani Kubwa, Narasha, Iseneto, Suswa Town and Olasiti. This project will benefit 28,000 people and 18,000 livestock units in the year 2027.

  1. Project data:
Contractor UNIBEE Construction LimitedKenelec House, Mai Mahiu Road, Off Langata Road

Tel: +254 20 6005337, Fax: +254 20 6005338


P.O. Box 56553 – 00200


Project Manager’s Representative Eng. Macodawa George Omollo,C/O Professional Consultants,

Professional House, Kufuga Road, Off Langata Road, Karen

Tel +254 020 016 322, 0721 108 499,


P.O. Box 24996 – 00502, Karen,


Contract price Kshs 104,850,931.00
Commencement date for implementation of works 23rd December, 2016
Intended project completion date 22nd December, 2017
Site handing/ possession date 22nd December, 2016
Revised completion date 21st May, 2018
Defects liability period 12 calendar months from the date of substantial completion


  1. Scope of Work
  • Equipping and electrifying 1 no. borehole at DCK flower farm
  • To Construct Water supply operator’s house at DCK and at Suswa town market centre near tank site.
  • To Construct and test rising main pipeline to the main tank a length of 4,120m
  • To Construct and test gravity main  pipeline to Suswa centre 34,200m
  • To Lay 2km pumping main pipeline to Kwa- Muhia tank
  • To Lay 9km distribution pipeline within the national park
  • To Construct 225m3 Masonry tank – capacity inside hells’ gate national park and 100m3 capacity at Suswa
  • To Construct 3no. Cattle troughs, 4no. Animal troughs and 4no. Water Kiosks and fit them with bone char defluoridation units
  • To Rehabilitate 3no. Existing animal troughs and 4no. existing ones and fit them with bone char defluoridation units
  • Supply and install bulk and 150no. Customer water meters
  1. Progress of Works

Project construction is at 68% completion level with a time lapse of 134%.

Below is the progress;-

  • DCK and Suswa Operators’ houses are constructed up to 85% and 63% respectively.
  • Rising main piping has been constructed up to 88% completion level with all pipelines laid awaiting pressure testing, installation of valves, marker posts, and construction of valve chambers, cleaning and sterilization of pipeline performance measurement and commissioning.
  • Gravity main piping is 62% completed with 25 out of 34km of pipeline laid. The laid pipeline is awaiting pressure testing, installation of valves, marker posts, and construction of valve chambers, cleaning and sterilization of pipeline performance measurement and commissioning.
  • 225m3 masonry water tank is 87% completed awaiting casting of roof slab, construction of valve chambers, installation of valves and ladders and plumbing works.
  • KWS water system of animal water troughs and piping is 20% completed.
  • Murraming of road is 100% complete.
  • 1 out of 4 water kiosks is constructed.
  • 1 out of 3 animal troughs is constructed.
  1. Challenges
  1. The project is quite extensive; the pipeline is from DCK in Naivasha to Suswa town in Narok County. The gravity main is 34km long.
  2. The communities living in the project area have made so many demands and have severally stopped the contractor from working.
  3. Hells Gate National park has restricted areas where the contractor cannot interfere.
  4. The contractor has to comply with all the rules and regulations of the park.
  5. The contractor is experiencing challenges in construction of trenches because of the loose formation and very fine soils and during rainy season the trenches become weak points to start forming gullies.